Nintendo has more to show in the weeks / months ahead.According…

Nintendo has more to show in the weeks / months ahead.

According to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime:

– Nintendo loves to surprise people
– At E3, Nintendo shows content over the next 6-9 months
Nintendo always has more surprises, more in store
– Reggie not sure why analysts acted the way they did regarding stock dropping
A lot more up Nintendo’s sleeves, more to show over the weeks and months ahead
– The pacing of news and launches will drive business forward
– Nintendo says online will improve
– When Nintendo does a trial event like Mario Tennis Aces, Nintendo learns about the tech infrastructure
– It will work at launch just like Fortnite
– Reggie again says dockless Switch not planned for America, because difference of cultures. For Japan market, an additional SKU makes sense
– In December, 3DS was up 27% year-over-year
– This year, 3DS business up 10% in North America
– Reggie says loot-boxes have gotten a bit of a bad rap broadly speaking
– The mechanic is as old as baseball cards Reggie says
– For Nintendo, a gameplay mechanic that offers consumers something to
buy where you’re not sure what’s inside could be interesting if it’s not
the only way to get those items
– For Nintendo, one of many mechanics that can be used to drive engagement
– Reggie says Furukara is a great choice for Nintendo’s next president
– On eSports, Reggie pointed to Splatoon 2 and Smash Bros. E3 tournaments
– Nintendo wants to create content that lets fans come together and go from there
– Reggie says analysts who have gotten things right over the years is very small
– That’s because Nintendo holds things close to the vest, loves to surprise, and surprises big
– Reggie to analysts: don’t worry, Nintendo driving engagement