Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles coming soon to Nintendo…

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Gemea is a land filled with natural delights. The
luscious forests, quiet shores, and frozen peaks are home to adorable
creatures such as Fabbits and Squombles. These wild wonders beckon to
those with a penchant for exploration. When a curious dark miasma floods
the flora and fauna, it’s up to your hero to discover the origin of the
strange substance. Create your own hero or heroine and embark on your
journey of self-discovery across the gorgeous island and aid the people
in need of your assistance.

Your hero quickly befriends the locals and discovers magical sprites
that can dispel the dark energy known as Murk that plagues Gemea. Try
your hand at farming, crafting, cooking, brewing, and fishing to create a
sustainable lifestyle and help the people of the land.

Yonder’s story is spread across eight distinct biomes, each with its
own day/night and weather cycles, hidden sprites, unique animals to
befriend, and quests to accomplish, all at the player’s pace. There’s
always something to discover behind every corner. Relax and unwind with
Yonder on the Nintendo Switch – at home on the couch, on the bus, or
from the comfort of your bed with a nice hot cup of tea!