Culdcept Revolt coming soon to Nintendo 3DS | Buy-Now!…

Culdcept Revolt coming soon to Nintendo 3DS | Buy-Now!

  • Addictive Fantasy Gameplay: Jump into a match and lose yourself
    as you navigate the board and summon monsters on your way to victory in
    this fast-paced, card-collecting fantasy.

  • Near Endless Strategy: Collect over 400 unique cards and develop
    your skills as you test your deck on new boards with new conditions, or
    return to favorites to hone your strategies.

  • Play Solo or Online: Discover the story of Culdcept with an
    engaging Story Mode, or practice with your decks in Free Play Mode.

  • Customize Your Experience: Make your gaming personal by
    developing a deck to fit your gameplay style, and choose the perfect
    avatar and deck book to represent your playstyle and personality.